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My selective memory

I never dreamt of being a songwriter, but songs have always been there. Although there were a number of poetry-type things in school, actual songwriting was forced upon me when I joined a band after moving to Belgium in the late seventies. As I was the only English-speaker in The Mad Virgins, I was designated singer and lyricist. It was fun while it lasted.

After that, other bands pestered me for words. So I added bits and pieces to songs by La Muerte (easily the most vicious band I ever worked with), Marka, girl duo Indiana and boy band Caught in the Act. Looking back, I'm not too sure about why I did some of these things. But saying "no" has never been my strong point.

2 Unlimited brought the whole thing to a new level. Their kiddy-techno music was incredible fun to do, and has stood the test of time. I was working with Peter Bauwens and Phil Wilde at the time. Around the same time, we also started working with CB Milton ("Send me an Angel", "It's a Loving Thing" and other tracks). I still consider him to be the most impressive singer and performer I have ever worked with. The fact that he chalked up hits in the Benelux, France and (all too briefly) the UK kept us bopping for a while. In my opinion, he has yet to see his finest hour (and if you're reading this, ring me you bastard).

On a completely different tack, my ongoing writing with Perry Rose has been one of the most satisfying things I've done. Check the link page for more info.

By the way, I'm always looking for something exceptional to work on. If you think you have it, send an e-mail.

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