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Perry Rose
  Perry Rose liveA great singer, and an equally great melody writer. Perry is an Irishman living in Brussels, whose family's roots have the circus on them on both sides. To buy his stuff, try Proxis. - The last word in songwriting?

A site devoted to words in music - and the people that write them. Lots of links for lyricists and people that enjoy factoids about songs and showbiz. What's the connection between Hong Kong and "Puff the Magic Dragon"? Find out here.
2 Unlimited
  Over a 4-year period, I contributed a dozen or so tracks to the adventure that was 2 Unlimited. They paid the bills for a number of years. Strangely enough, there are not that many links on the web. The above link is straight to their producer's site (Soundsational). And just to be complete, here is a noisy unofficial site. And to buy European pressings, click right here.
CB Milton (in Dutch)

A killer singer, like a more febrile Seal. I worked on two albums and a bunch of singles, including "Send me an Angel" and "It's a Loving Thing". CB, where are you now?
Herman Martin
  Best known for his years with the no-jazz outfit Blurt. He has also worked with Killing Joke and Youth (going back a bit). Also a brilliant composer and arranger. We have been writing for over 3 years already. His site is under construction.
  Herman and I have been working with her recently. There are not that many reggae grrrls in Europe, so maybe we got lucky. Mika has a pretty good live band.
La Muerte
  Marc Du Marais asked me politely one day if I had any words he could use for a project he was working on. I'd no idea what he was up to. I still haven't recovered! What a ****ing band! You might find some CDs on Gemm
Dread Litoko
  Dread Litoko is the "full-contact" poet, a guy that mikes poetry a very physical experience. He also mixes Jamaican patois, French and Lingala. Brilliant.
CDs still in stock
  In an ideal world, everything you do would be endlessly available. In reality, record companies scrap records that don't keep selling. But here is a good selection of CDs to which I have contributed. I've commented them as well.
New Wave Photos
  Great site with tons of photos from the 80s onwards of The Banshees, Devo, Magazine and - if you look carefully enough - me. Look for the Mad Virgins. No, I'm not giving the direct link.

A few 'biz links for those of you looking for a shortcut to health and happiness

  Want to play with the big boys, huh? This London-based tipsheet has the most impressive leads in the business. But you'll be pitching against the best writers and publishers in the business.
  These guys had the bright idea of creating an A&R chart that reflects record sales. Of more interest are the regular interviews. For people that want to write and sell hit songs, as the name implies.
Artist Gigs
  Music by some great independent performers and songwriters, as well as free MP3s and MP3 software. Worth a visit.

Guitar Tablature Guide

Find free guitar tablature and other useful resources for guitarists.

Ultimate Songwriting

Resources, recommended products and services in addition to songwriting tips and articles and details about the music industry..
Universal Total Guitar Plus Center

Motivational information for guitarists and PC users from a fellow Irishman in Switzerland.

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